Grimsby Gay Pride

Grimsby gay pride is actually situated in Cleethorpes beside Pleasure Island at Meridian Park. The atmosphere is friendly and the sun usually shines. Have you ever been or would you be interested in going?

This year Grimsby pride will be held on the 30th August 2014.

We know not everyone knows people who they can travel with or hang around with and everyone should experience a pride. Grimsby pride covers our area as our pride in Scunthorpe. Scunthorpe has no pride and no bars for LGBT but Grimsby does have a bar and it does have a pride and a good one at that. But without your help and funding it just wouldn’t be possible so Grimsby pride needs you. They need volunteers for the day and also they are taking donations towards the event.

From Scunthorpe to Grimsby on train at the weekend the latest train back to Scunthorpe isn’t ideal as it’s around 8:20pm so you miss out on the afterparty. There is the option of booking a b&b and perhaps if enough people want to stay we can talk to some hotels.

Visit the Grimsby Pride Website and see how you can help


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