Join us on Facebook and Twitter.

Currently we are looking for people who want to help us advertise our social networking to then move onto a trusted physical team.

Taking part will not only improve your people skills but will also look good on any job application form. Whether you help to organise, sell tickets, promote or become a writer for the team.

We have already built up another reputable local organisation and worked with some  of which we will let you guess by the connections you will see between the various posts.

Please like the Facebook page and sign the petition until we get 50 names or people interested  no physical team will be made to start planning a night.

We ask that although you may have differences with others as it is such a small community that you can perhaps lay them aside and do not bring them into the organisation. We do not want to be involved in any disputes. If one occurs you will be removed and no longer considered to join the physical team.

To join the team, fitting these points would be an advantage:

  • You know how to use WordPress for posting articles and have created an account.
  • You do not intend to exclude anyone from the page or groups due to personal dislikes.
  • You must know how to speak to people with respect and even when people prove to be tough to reply calm or not at all.
  • Have an interest in events and promotion.
  • You will not use the network to bad name anyone.

We hope that in the aid of making this a campaign and building a group of friends with the same interests some people may consider to put their differences aside and get along. Life’s too short to be wasting it arguing. So have fun, live, laugh and support others.


Tweet us @scunnylgbts


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